Gallo Clinches Deal To Publish Mtukudzi Music

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Gallo Clinches Deal To Publish Mtukudzi Music
Patience Bambale
Gallo Music Publishers has clinched a deal to publish the rich catalogue of world-renowned late musician Oliver Mtukudzi.
Mtukudzi, a human-rights activist and Unicef Goodwill Ambassador for Southern Africa, died in January 2019 at the age of 66.
His colourful career spanned over four decades and saw him release 67 albums. Mtukudzi’s catalogue has hits songs like Todii, Wasakara, Neria, Ndakuvara, Mutserendende among many others. The deal means that Gallo will have the legal rights to monetise or generate opportunities for Mtukudzi’s compositions to be performed and reproduced.
Gallo Music GM Rob Cowling said: “We are overjoyed to sign Tuku Music to a publishing deal. After such a long-standing relationship, beginning with its roots at Sheer Sound, which is owned by Gallo Music since 2014, representing Oliver Mtukudzi’s recordings and digital sales, it feels like coming full circle.
“This is an amazing fit in bringing the song publishing copyrights together with the recordings to further open doors into Africa and globally expanding Tuku’s reach and message through his music and lyrics. This is done to breathe new life into these amazing songs through opportunities in film, TV and advertising.”
“Tuku’s songs touched the hearts of those around him and were often ways for Tuku to address issues in society and people’s everyday life struggles. Tuku always gave back to the community, put on live shows and helped younger musicians by producing duets and teaching and nurturing them at his arts centre Pakare Paye in Norton, a town about 40km west of Harare.” –