Forty-eight hour ultimatum for illegal Glen View settlers

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

Alex Ndlovu

Harare City Council has given 48 hours to illegal settlers in Glen View to vacate the land they are occupying, to pave way for a road which will be used as a detour during the construction of the Mbudzi roundabout interchange.

The interchange which is at the intersection connecting Beatrice Road, High Glen Road and Chitungwiza Road has become a nightmare, motorists are getting stuck in traffic for hours.

In a tweet, Harare City Council say they have given a 48 hour notice to the 320 settlers occupying the land adjacent to the construction area.

“Council has served 48 hour notices to over 320 people settled on the Mbudzi interchange road reserve. The notices encourage the residents to remove their structures without council assistance which normally comes in the form of dozers.

The road interchange is a national project. Affected residents will be allocated space elsewhere. A committee to address the issue is working on the matter,” read the Tweet.

Government took over the rehabilitation of Mbudzi roundabout, after City of Harare had neglected the facility, failing to expand it to match the growing traffic.