Former Big Brother star Wendall sets up mining plant

by | May 21, 2021 | Business, Local News | 0 comments

Staff Writer

The deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development Polite Kambamura yesterday visited Navada 24 gold processing plant in Matobo District owned by former Big Brother Africa contestant Wendall Parson.

Wendall, who in 2011 was a co-winner of the continental reality show is setting up a gold processing plant, which is set to be completed next month.

The plant, situated in Matobo District will be focusing on processing mining dumps.

A 30 tonne dump situated about one kilometre from Maphisa Business Centre is for now the identified primary source and samples which were taken communicate productive potential.

During a tour of the plant, Deputy Minister Kambamura welcomed the idea of processing dumps and encouraged other miners to do the same.

Deputy Minister Kambamura said the processing of these dumps have potential to contribute US$4 billion of the US$12 billion target that the country is pursuing.

Speaking after the tour, Parson said the plant has the capacity to process about 480 tonnes per day and he is targeting between 10 and 15 kilograms of gold per month.