First group of UK deportees arrive

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments


Brian Rungano Temba

The first group of Zimbabwean nationals deported from the United Kingdom has arrived.

Fourteen citizens of different ages arrived at the Robert Mugabe International Airport earlier today.

The group was deemed to be unfit to exist in the United Kingdom.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ambassador Fredrick Shava yesterday explained the circumstances around their deportation.

“These deportees have been released from detention after having completed serving jail terms for various offences committed in the UK.
Zimbabwe welcomes them, its their home,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade wrote.

In a follow up video, Minister Shava said the government of Zimbabwe is expected to recieve its citizens because they are Zimbabwean and they are being sent back in the same manner that we have recieved other deportees from South Africa, Botswana and wherever Zimbabweans may be.

“If need be to be quarantined for a period, then they can go to join their families.
There is no reason or anyone to persecute them unless an individual had a pending case that has not been finalized in Zimbabwe,” said Minister Shava.

Minister Shava confirmed that there is a total of 150 deportees that are coming back home but they wll be coming in batches of 50.

The first batch which landed had only 15 people due to various reasons including Covid-19 suspicions and attempts to escape.

Minister Shava cautioned against misinformed NGOs who are spreading unconfirmed news of people who will be persecuted upon arrival.

“This is a spin in the media by NGOs that are misinformed. We do not know of anyoneyet who has any pending cases back here in Zimbabwe among the deportees,” he added.