Farmers Urged to Plant Variety of Crop Seed for Maximum Yield

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Farmers Urged to Plant Variety of Crop Seed for Maximum Yield


Hosia Mviringi


MATABELELAND NORTH – Farmers in the communal lands of Lupaka in Lupane have been urged to take advantage of the Presidential Input Scheme and plant a variety of seeds to maximize production on their lands.


Villagers in Ward 10 who attended a Field Day which was organized by Agricultural, Technical and Extension Services (AGRITEX) and AgriSeed were encouraged to also use traditional grains.


The Department of Agricultural, Technical and Extension Services (AGRITEX) is the government’s principal extension agency and the largest public rural intervention agency with representatives at the national, provincial, district and village levels.


The Field Day which was hosted by Mr Malachi Ncube’s Plot saw local farmers, community members and school children learning about the impact of using different types of seeds on a piece of land.


Malachi planted maize in three plots using different seed varieties: ZS23 Zadza Madura, ZAP 63 and ZS 265.


On his fourth plot, he planted traditional grains like sorghum, okashana variety and pearl millet, marcia variety, cowpeas and fodder.


Mr Sandiso Bhebhe, Agritex Officer urged farmers to learn from the host of the field day who has managed to maximise production on the available land through planting a variety of seeds.


“Farmers should take advantage of Government programs such as the Presidential Input Scheme which seeks to empower and capacitate farmers,” he said.


He also said, with appropriate skills and inputs it is possible for farmers to harvest big even under difficult conditions.


Small-holder farmers continue to struggle to put their plots to full production mostly due to a lack of appropriate knowledge and technology


The government continues to urge communal farmers to make use of local Agritex agronomists who are always on the ground to offer farming advice throughout the cropping cycle.