FACT FILE: Why the UK is deporting Zimbabweans?

by | Jul 23, 2021 | International | 0 comments

Priti Patel, who is the United Kingdom`s Secretary of State for the Home Department issued out a statement justifying today`s deportation saying it is the beginning of many.

In a statement she said; “Those being detained are all foreign national offenders who have been convicted on serious offenses including murder, rape, sexual offenses against children, robbery and violent crime. Under the UK Borders Act 2007, as Home Secretary I am required by law to issue a deportation order for a foreign national who has received a custodial of at least 12 months unless an exception applies.”

She went on to highlight that, “All those being deported on the flight will have been provided with the opportunity to raise claims including asylum and human rights claims prior to their deportation.
Individuals are only returned to their country of origin when the Home Office and, where applicable, the Courts deem it is safe to do so. Each individual assessment is made against the background of the latest available country of origin information and relevant case law.”

The issue of deportation is still a very sensitive issue across all nations in the world.
However each country has its own laws that all residents especially foreigners have to adhere to.
Each country has a right to remove a foreigner from their country in as much as they have right to arrest them if they commit heinous crimes.
It might seem like an unfair act of justice however these are the downsides of being a foreigner. The justice system does not take lightly to foreigners who commit crimes.

Some countries conduct medical examinations to foreigners upon entry into their country and if found with viral diseases like AIDS/HIV, one is likely denied visa and immediately returned back to their country.
This can also be seen as another form of deportation.

Compiled by Pretty Manyewe.