Fact Check: Did the Mbuya Nehanda statue collapse?

by | Jul 17, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments


Claim: An image is circulating on social media, in which a number of users are saying that the newly elected Mbuya Nehanda statue has collapsed. A number of anti-government platforms have gone into a frenzy, trying to pour scorn on the project using the picture. Among those who had shared the image is Lucky Aaroni of Bustop TV.

Verdict: Reverse image search has shown that the image is not recent, it in fact was taken in Mozambique, Beira.

A post on Facebook by David Aurelino Botelho says; The foot crossing bridge on EN6, in the Munhava neighbourhood, collapsed after an accident caused by a lorry. It is advised to use alternative routes to get out of the city; Carlisle Perwira Street, Rua de Chota and/or Old EN6.

Citizen provided images taken a few minutes before the publishing of the story, have shown that the structure is still intact.

Compiled by: Nevanji Chiondegwa.