Electricity Supply Has Greatly Improved – Zesa

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Electricity Supply Has Greatly Improved – Zesa
Mako Jerera
The electricity supply situation has greatly improved and has resulted in reduced load curtailment across most parts of the country, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority said in a statement.
Currently, the country is producing 1074 MW which has resulted in a decrease in power cuts as electricity generation has increased at Hwange Power Station.
“Zesa Holdings is pleased to advise its valued stakeholders of the improved power supply situation in the country, which has resulted in reduced load curtailment across most of our customer segments.
“This achievement was a result of the implementation of various measures and the stabilisation of performance of the Hwange Unit 7, which is undergoing commissioning tests and has been able to supply a full load of 300MW to the national grid in some instances,” read part of the statement
The Second Republic led by President Mnangagwa has facilitated the implementation of the 600MW Hwange expansion project at a cost of US$1.5 billion through a Chinese loan deal.
“Barring unforeseen technical challenges, we expect the electricity supply situation to continuously improve as we ramp up generation at the Hwange Power Station,” further reads part of the communique.
With the Zambezi River Authority having just allocated Zesa extra Lake Kariba water to generate an average of 500MW at Kariba South, and Hwange 7 generating its designed net output of 300MW, the generation shortfalls are now ameliorated and yesterday were only around 210MW, a huge improvement.
Since early December, output at Kariba South was severely limited after the stored flood waters from last year were exhausted and only the low water inflows were available.