Econet Wireless in a countrywide base station upgrade blitz

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Business | 0 comments


Yvonne Mutambwa

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is rolling out a nationwide program to upgrade it’s base stations to high speed LTE/4G which will see network coverage and download speed increasing tremendously.

The enhancement program which was launched at a base station at Kutama Mission , 80km south west of Harare, the company said that an extended rollout programme recently announced by the company will upgrade least 130 base stations in 90 days.

The company, which enjoys close to 70 per cent market share of high speed LTE in the country is set to extent the lead with the latest network upgrades.

Kezito Makuni , the Econet Chief operating officer said,
“The network infrastructure upgrade at Kutama and Murombedzi will help the company increase coverage in the area to improve quality and access to services such as eLearning for underserved communities. ”

In a speech that was read on his behalf by Mr Clemence Kawadza, Mr Makuni said,
“We have witnessed an increased demand for data and connectivity across the country which was necessitated by the COVID19 pandemic, leading to a shift in education and learning methods.”

Zvimba Rural District Council chief executive Officer, Eniasi Chidakwa, who was guest of honour at the event expressed gratitude to the company and said,
“By upgrading its base stations in the area, Econet will help Zimbabweans enjoy the full benefits of digital technologies”

In conclusion, the company said that they hoped that this investment will spur rural communities to accelerate social and economic development.