Drama in CCC As Outfit Fails to Follow Democratic Processes

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Drama in CCC As Outfit Fails to Follow Democratic Processes


Brian Rungano Temba


Self-imposed Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa is playing high school politics of youthful exuberance which has left the embattled donor-sponsored political outfit in tatters.


From failing to hold a congress to imposing candidates and purging that has seen infighting within their rank and file – all points to a party on a crash course.


Chamisa’s contenders are either in prison or are being dropped strategically from running in the elections – talk of strategic ambiguity.


Reports show that racist Tendai Biti who is the new favourite for regime change agents and overseas political donors who seek to destabilise countries – lost the race for the nomination to represent Harare East Constituency to Rusty Markham.


In retaliation, Biti went ballistic and announced he is going Independent – another split?


In response, Chamisa took a jib at Biti. He said only thieves would make a big fuss off not being able to return to Parliament.


“Why would you get offended as if it was a domestic dispute? It is a Party assignment to be a candidate, and unless you have motives to loot, why can’t you accept that another has been assigned to represent the party in elections,” said Chamisa.


Many times the CCC leader has opposed having open procedures like Congress and Conferences where a Manifesto, constitution or party structure would be chosen democratically.


He had always blamed this on ZANU-PF saying that they work in the shadows in fear of being infiltrated.


ZANU PF MP for Buhera West has rubbished the allegations on Twitter:


“Why Chamisa didn’t want to quickly do his primaries was to take old horses in CCC by surprise.


“Purging of Biti, Welshman and Sikhala among others is not a coincidence. That is the ‘new’ he always talks about. It’s not anything to do with @ZANUPF_Official infiltration, it’s internal,” his tweet read.