Dont impose yourself on citizens – Cde Chinamasa tells Opposition

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– As reports confirm Chamisa’s Bodyguards threatened to shoot protesters

Brian Rungano Temba



ZANU-PF has defended the villagers of Charumbira Village in Masvingo, as having acted within their own rights by refusing to give audience to MDC-A leader Nelson Chamisa.

Acting Zanu Pf National Political Commissar and Secretary for Finance Cde Patrick Chinamasa said the villagers were entitled not to entertain Chamisa and his surrogates.

Addressing a press conference today, Cde Chinamasa said democracy entails the freedom of expression and the right to choose not to receive information.

Cde Chinamasa made these remarks following the altercation between Nelson Chamisa’s convoy and Charumbira Villagers in Masvingo yesterday.

“What i hear happened in Masvingo is that the Opposition leader tried to impose himself on an audience which did not want to listen to him. He had no right to force people to listen to him.

He had the right to address those who were willing to listen to him, but in this case my information is that the villagers did not want to listen to him,” said Cde Chinamasa.

Cde Chinamasa said he was not surprised by the Masvingo incident.

“Each time that a high ranking foreign visitor from the United Nations comes to Zimbabwe we expect the Oppositon to do something.

Especially after the arrival of the UN rappatuoer on Sanctions we were expecting either someone to say they were kidnapped or assaulted, both obviously stage managed.

And that person always has to be of a high rank in the opposition party in order to attract attention from adverse publicity towards Zimbabwe to tarnish our record on human rights,” he added.

Cde Chinamasa noted that countries that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe are funding a number of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to undermine and provoke ZANU-PF under the banner of Democracy.

“Foreigners should never fund processes which are internal, that is a clear violation of the sovereignty of a people.

And we are going to write a circular to warn our supporters of the NGOs who are proxies of the foreign detractors funding the chaos in our country,” he added.

Cde Chinamasa confirmed that in the reports that he received it is detailed that members of the Chamisa’s security fired shots in the air threatening to shoot the villagers who had refused them entry into their village.

“The last time we heard shots in the air was during the liberation struggle.

If there is something that can agitate people is trying to demonstrate your power through firing a gun. You must accept the consequences because you are basically asking people to defend themselves.

What was the reason for them firing guns in the air ? The firing of the guns in the air is abominable and part of stage managing they are used to,” added Cde Chinamasa.

Cde Chinamasa said that it was an attempt to cause a scene that would justify the fake news they needed to peddle.