Do what will guarantee you a good place after death – President 

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Do what will guarantee you a good place after death – President



Brian Rungano Temba



On Sunday President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa attended church service at the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe in Harare West District Kuwadzana Circuit.


In his address he told church goers that regardless of every Zimbabwean’s religious inclination, they must live a life that will set them towards heaven.


“There are those who go to Church, some are believers of the African Traditional Religion and others choose not to believe in any of these and stay at home. I encourage you to do what will guarantee you a good place after death,” said President Mnangagwa.


He also called for the end of segregation amongst denominations of the Christian faith recalling his own experience with the late President Robert Gabriel Mugabe who was a Catholic.


“I was born, raised and educated in the Methodist Church of Zimbabwe. My mentor the late, His Excellency President Mugabe was Catholic as my brother Hon. Gen (Rtd) CGDN Chiwenga.


“When President Mugabe was called fourth to the Vatican City by the then Pope, I was to travel with him and he took it upon himself to teach me their way of the sign of the cross, it was a bit tricky for me.


“However after all this I drew a lesson that it was just another Christian denomination that does things differently but, we all worship one God as Christians. What is important are your ways and your heart before the Lord.


“All Christian denominations matter, as President I am father to all children hence you see me in attending different church programs. Nevertheless I carry the Methodist Church of Zimbabwe in my heart,” said President Mnangagwa.


President Mnangagwa also reminded the church goers to be responsible for their own livelihoods through hard honest work.


“Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo. Rugare rwekudenga runovakwa nemwene waro.


“What will make us enter heaven are the works we do here on earth. We are accountable to God and hence it is wrong for you to judge others and vouch that they may not enter the gates of heaven, for God knows what is in a mans heart.


“Yours is to fight for your own spirit to enter the gates of heaven when the time comes. Church leaders will teach you God’s ways, not their way of living, do as they say not as they do. Their teachings drawn from the Bible will save us not the lives that they lead,” added President Mnangagwa.