Deputy Minister Hails Dairy Industry’s Potential on World Milk Day

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Deputy Minister Hails Dairy Industry’s Potential on World Milk Day


Francis Zimuto



On Saturday,Honourable Deputy Minister Davis Marapira, The Deputy Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development, and also representing Zaka Central Constituency, joined the global community in commemorating World Milk Day at Mbungo Estates.


“As we celebrate World Milk Day, we recognize the crucial role that milk plays in our lives, from providing essential nutrition to driving economic growth. Our dairy industry has vast potential, and we are committed to supporting our milk producers to increase production and meet national demand, in line with our Ministry’s goals and the National Development Strategy (NDS1),” said Deputy Minister Marapira.


“The success story of Cheek Mbungo Enterprises is a shining example of the hard work and dedication of our farmers. We are proud to see Zimbabwe’s dairy industry thriving, and we will continue to provide support and resources to ensure its sustainable growth, as we work towards achieving the President’s vision of an upper-middle-income economy by 2030,” added Deputy Minister Marapira.


Deputy Minister Marapira emphasized that the dairy industry is a key sector in achieving the Ministry’s goals, NDS1, and the President’s vision, as it contributes to food security, employment creation, and foreign currency earnings.


“The achievements of our dairy farmers are a direct result of their tireless efforts and our Ministry’s support. We will continue to promote sustainable agriculture practices, improve irrigation systems, and enhance value addition in the dairy industry, to ensure its continued growth and success,” said Deputy Minister Marapira.


The event also showcased the remarkable progress of Cheek Mbungo Enterprises, a Zion Christian Church-owned milk producer in Masvingo, which has increased its production to over 12,000 liters per day since its establishment in 2021.