Defending whiteness: Coltart tries to downplay Streak`s national betrayal

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Crime & Courts, Local News, Politics | 0 comments

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Zimbabweans recently got a reminder of Rhodesian callousness when MDC-A treasurer David Coltart, sprang to the defense of disgraced former Chevrons captain and coach Heath Streak.
Streak was recently banned from cricket for eight years, following a conviction -by his own plea- by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Writing on his Twitter, Coltart, who has a checkered history on race issues said he is willing to fight in Streak`s corner through the scandalous phase.
“…There can be no excuses for this type of behaviour. Corruption has deeply affected #Cricket internationally and within #Zimbabwe and must be ruthlessly rooted out wherever it is found. That said I stand ready to assist Heath redeem his otherwise outstanding record & contribution,” wrote Coltart on his Twitter.

This incensed cricket fans who interpreted Coltart`s remarks as an attempt to
“This stinks David, so for as long as your kith and kin are perpetrators of corruption, you’re ready to assist them. These are the double standards that makes us cringe when you seek public office. Heath Streak shouldn’t be anywhere near sports administration with such a record,” a Twitter user by the name Larry Charamba wrote in response.

Another observer, Darell Chizanga said; “Corruption must be condemed whether black or white. Let’s not shed tears for corrupted thugs otherwise we will be regarded as accomplices.”
Even players were unamused with Coltart`s attempt to whitewash the situation, by suggesting that people move on from an issue still in its infancy.
Chamu Chibhabha, who captained the Chevrons One Day International squad in 2020 did not take lightly Coltart`s indiscretions.

“Just shut your mouth!” Chibhabha exclaimed as he responded to Coltart in a tweet that has since been deleted.
The opposition is rabid when describing corruption by black politicians and business executives, however when white people are accused of the same, they try and evoke sentiment to daze people into overlooking transgressions.