Debt-Ridden Harare City Reviews Parking Penalty Fee

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Debt-Ridden Harare City Reviews Parking Penalty Fee

Cambridge Magweva

HARARE – Inept opposition-run Harare City Council has bowed down to mounting pressure from motorists who had been hard done by the exorbitant parking penalty fees in the Central Business District.

The incompetent local municipal authority has since reduced the parking charge from the previous $132 penalty fee which was being charged for failing to display a valid parking ticket worth US$1 per hour to US$57.

Harare Mayor and Councillor Jacob Mafume said the council resolved to have the parking penalty charge reduced to US$57.

The clamping charge is now $65 if delayed by up to three hours.

Speaking during a Special Council Meeting recently. Mayor Mafume said:

“The effect is that one will get a ticket of US$57 across the board no matter the offence. If you have been parked and you are late by 30 minutes you will simply pay the parking fee arrear but after 30 minutes the motorist will be issued with a penalty ticket of $57 which must be settled within 3 hours.

“The clamping and towing fine of $65 will be charged to motorists who fail to pay the $57 penalty fee within three hours,” he said.

He said if a motorist fails to pay during the specified period, it means that he has to pay US$57 plus a parking fine of US$65.

If a motorist exceeds more than 30 minutes from their booked time, they will be fined.

Mayor Mafume said the local authority has since instructed the Finance and Development Committee to begin the process of reducing the fines.