Corporates tighten Covid-9 controls

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Business | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba

TelOne yesterday made a decision to put all unvaccinated staff on immediate leave and withdraw them from their COVID-19 allowance plan.

This comes as the third wave has been causing havoc across the region and Zimbabwe has not been spared.

This announcement was made through a staff notice by TelOne Corporate Services Director Hopewell Zinyau.

“The company takes note of the intensification of the COVID-19 situation in the country and the consequent response by Government in terms of decongestion and vaccination.
Our response plan has been guiding our operations to ensure everybody’s safety and business continuity,” read the notice.

TelOne is responding to the surge in COVID-19 cases with a six-step plan which includes the following;

•Office decongestion
•Immediate leave for unvaccinated staff
•Withdrawal of COVID-19 allowance
•A new set of Workplace procedures
•Support for affected Staff Members

The essential service provider has been directed to downsize it workforce without compromising service delivery to client who work using the online facilities that TelOne offers now more than ever.

In turn, they have arranged teams that are divided into two groups; one working from home and the other working from the office. The two groups will be using one week cycles to report to the office.

TelOne has noted a decrease in service uptake from private sector and government clientele and due to reduction of business, there has been a lot of unproductive hours.

“As such staff will be required to take vacation leave, starting with those that are not vaccinated. This is especially because unvaccinated individuals are at the highest risk of the effects of the COVID-19 virus while also posing great risk to all other staff and the company’s business continuity,” further read the staff notice.

Mr Zinyau says the company may soon take action against the unvaccinated in order to protect vaccinated staff and business, therefore they are all advised to take get vaccinated.

All physical meetings have been suspended and are to be conducted online.
A social distancing rule of at least two meters at all points should be adhered to.
No visitors are allowed to access the TelOne premises, business or personal.
Only clients services section shall remain open to clients with a strict adherence to social distancing masking and hand sanitizing.

Face masks are now to be worn correctly and religiously by all staff and clients within the building.