Corporate Sector Should Take Lead in Digital Transformation

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Corporate Sector Should Take Lead in Digital Transformation


Nevanji Munyradzi Chiondegwa


HARARE – The corporate sector has been urged to take the lead in the digital transformation so that it remains relevant and adapts to the ever-changing digital environment as Government moves to introduce e-Government, a government Minister has said.


These were remarks by Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Senator Monica Mutsvangwa at the official opening of the Marketers’ Association of Zimbabwe Business Institute in Harare on Thursday.


Senator Mutsvangwa globally, the business trends are changing.


“This, therefore, calls you the marketers and communications professionals, to be at the forefront of presenting your brands.


“The institute operations are guided by MAZ principles and values. It comprises three Strategic Business Units (SBUs): MAZ Institute of Digital Practitioners, MAZ Institute of Sales Professionals and MAZ Institute of Customer Experience Practitioners,” she said.


She also said the digitalisation of the business world has completely revolutionised the way businesses interact with customers.


“We have to tailor make our products and services to the demands of the customers. Even as Government, we take communication seriously as we need to keep abreast with technology,” she said, adding that social media can destroy or build brands or the country.


Added Minister Mutsvangwa, “Remember, poor marketing strategies will never last long as they fast disappear from people’s memories.


“As Government, we expect responsible communication from you as you have a very broad influence not only on people’s choices but even the world’s view. Let’s engage in professional marketing that does not contain inflammatory language and hate speech.


“As we ride on current affairs in our social media marketing, let us also be wary of insensitive messages.”