Comprehensive Multisectoral Drug and Substance Abuse Plan outline.

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Comprehensive Multisectoral Drug and Substance Abuse Plan outline.


Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa


The Zimbabwean government has launched a comprehensive Multisectoral Drug and Substance Abuse Plan (2024-2030), aiming to tackle the growing threat of drug and substance abuse (DSA) across the nation. The plan, approved by Cabinet in April 2024, outlines a strategic approach to address the multifaceted challenges posed by DSA, impacting public health, security, economic growth, and social stability.


The plan emphasizes a whole-of-government and society approach, bringing together various sectors, including government ministries, departments, agencies, civil society organizations, development partners, communities, and families. It aligns with international, regional, and national frameworks, including the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) and the Zimbabwe National Drug Master Plan.


**Key Highlights of the Plan:**


* **Vision:** A healthy and secure nation, free of illicit drug and substance abuse.

* **Mission:** To support multi-stakeholder engagement and actions across the whole of government and different sectors through targeted, collaborative multisectoral DSA interventions.

* **Guiding Principles:** Leverage, Empowerment, Adaptiveness, Restoration, Non-stigmatization (LEARN).

* **Strategic Goals:**

* Promote a strategic multisectoral programme of interventions to address DSA across sectors.

* Engage various sectors to address DSA dimensions of their activities.

* Promote leadership, coordination, collaborative work, and sustainable mechanisms to address the multi-dimensional burden of DSA.

* **Strategic Pillars:**

* **Supply Reduction:** Disrupting the production, distribution, trafficking, and supply of illicit drugs and substances.

* **Demand Reduction:** Preventing and delaying drug use among children, adolescents, young people, women, and vulnerable groups.

* **Harm Reduction, Treatment, and Rehabilitation:** Reducing the harmful effects of DSA through comprehensive harm reduction services, building healthcare capacity, and promoting evidence-based treatment.

* **Community Reintegration:** Supporting recovery and reintegration into society for individuals recovering from DSA.

* **Policy and Legal Enforcement:** Harmonizing legal and policy frameworks to address DSA comprehensively.

* **Media and Communication:** Promoting public awareness, education, and behavior change regarding DSA.

* **Resource Mobilization & Economic Strengthening:** Securing sufficient resources for DSA interventions and supporting economic strengthening opportunities for affected individuals and communities.


**President Emmerson Mnangagwa** emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts to address DSA, stating that the plan will ensure that the nation can realize its aspirations of a Prosperous and Empowered Upper Middle-Income Society by 2030.


The plan recognizes the critical role of **the National Drug Agency (NDA)** within the Office of the President and Cabinet, which will provide leadership, implementation, and coordination of DSA strategies, policies, responses, and interventions.


The success of the plan hinges on **political will, accelerated resource mobilization, empowered stakeholders, social and behavior change, system strengthening, and effective data systems.** The Zimbabwean government is committed to implementing this comprehensive plan to address the multifaceted challenges of DSA and secure the nation’s future and prosperity.