Coltart clings on to Mayorship

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Coltart clings on to Mayorship


• Claims Bulawayo problems supercedes alligience to Chamisa



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The mayor of Bulawayo, David Coltart, has been criticised for refusing to resign from his ceremonial post in solidarity with former CCC leader Nelson Chamisa who quit the party last month and for claiming Bulawayo faces “unique challenges”.


Solomon Harudzibwi, a pro-Chamisa political commentator suggested that Coltart has dismissed calls to resign from people outside Bulawayo saying they are not qualified to comment on the issue. Wrote Harudzibwi on X:


I understand Bulawayo needs leadership (Mayor) but disqualifying people from commenting or sharing their thoughts on his decision not to resign based on their geographical location is quite unfortunate.


It’s those small acts that feel so good when you express them that keep us divided on tribal or regional grounds.


He sits there on a CCC ticket, which is a national party & anyone’s views are valid regardless of location.


In response, Coltart said he didn’t try to gag people from other areas and emphasized that Bulawayo currently faces unique challenges. He said:


I have never suggested that people from other areas should not have their say – it is just important that we understand the context of their perspective.


Bulawayo currently faces unique challenges – for example, Lake Chivero is spilling but our dams have had little runoff and are drying up – and we desperately need action.


It is only if you live in Bulawayo and understand no water coming out of your taps that you will appreciate this type of concern.


I am not a tribalist or regionalist – never have been – but people from outside of Bulawayo need to understand our unique challenges and take them into account in expressing their opinions.


I would never be so presumptuous to dictate to people in Mutare for example what their current needs are – only they know them.


Several people who commented on Coltart’s post scoffed at his claim that Bulawayo has unique challenges. Below are some of the reactions:


Alica Tsungu: “There are no unique challenges in Byo, there are places that have not had tap water for over 10 years in many parts of Zimbabwe.”


Tineyi Chakoroma: “Mayor David you’re dividing the nation with your Bulawayo people have “unique challenges” as if Zimbabwe is governed differently in provinces.”


Dr Glen Meda: “You can stay on as Mayor without throwing in those flimsy excuses Dave – It’s not right being dishonest. The big question is about political principles vis-a-vis the party that placed u there being hijacked & corrupted by Zanupf; your colleagues being unjustly recalled; solidarity etc.


Fungai Dombo: “Nothing unique about Bulawayo. Since Nkomo’s time the Zambezi Matebeleland water project. You can’t be the Messiah to solve that in less than 5 years. The council does not construct dams but the national govt. To lie to us that you will resolve the water crisis in Bulawayo is a myth”


Flight Lieutenant Tashinga Pswarayi MP: “How much is the cost of a passport in Byo? Can you also confirm that we can pay for a passport in ZWL in Byo? Can we import cars older than 10 years into Byo? What are your plans for civil servants’ salaries in Byo? Will the US$5000 apply to me because I want to be a resident”


Nhubu yepa Dharuweni: “Not only in Bulawayo but many places in Zimbabwe don’t have water coming out of their taps”