Coltart caught up in abduction lie

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Opposition lawyer Doug Coltart has been caught in a web of dark operations propaganda, as a case he shared on his Twitter, framed as an abduction, was in fact a routine military procedure meant to account for deserters.

Yesterday (August 29) Coltart wrote on his Twitter that one Solomon Chanengeta has been abducted by ‘6 men in plain clothes claiming to be soldiers’ in Karoi.

The tweet was meant to cause alarm, casting the country in bad light- as has been the core of the opposition agenda in recent years, especially in the run up to a big global event.

However, evidence has emerged that Chanengeta fled unprocedurarly from the Zimbabwe National Army sometime back.

Military sources, have told Tateguru Tv that Chanengeta is not in danger as is being said by enemies of the state.

“This is the correct position regarding Solomon Chanengeta who is alleged to have been abducted by six man.This also false.Solomon Chanengeta is a deserter from the Zimbabwe National Army4 Brigade in Masvingo.

He is said to have left the army some three years ago before completing the necessary due processes and left for South Africa,” the souce said.

According to ZNA rules, a person can leave the army after three years in what is known as the probation period, they can also do so after 10 years, they can retire after 20 years or they can leave when they turn 55, unless if there is an extension agreement.

Anyone who leaves outside these parameters and without paperwork, is considered a deserter and leaving unprocedurally is not taken for granted as the former soldier may be compromised.

“He slipped back into the country and came to Chikangwe,Karoi where he was staying. When news filtered that he was now in Karoi,the Military police was alerted who e enlisted the services of the Zimbabwe Republic police who picked him up for questioning,” the source said.

Chanengeta is currently at Masvingo 4th Brigade barrack, where he is undergoing due processes for him to leave the army properly.

“No abduction took place as alleged by Doug Coltart,” the source said.

Coltart is not the first opposition aligned figure to cry wolf on abductions, legislator Joanna Mamombe and her friends, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marowa are still under the spotlight as there is belief that they fabricated their own phantom abductions last year.