Cholera Cases take a dip as Govt intensifies Control Measures

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Cholera Cases take a dip as Govt intensifies Control Measures

By Yvonne Mutambwa

Cabinet today announced that public funerals and religious gatherings will be halted, ensuing intensified control measures on the cholera outbreak.

Speaking at this year’s inaugural post cabinet briefing, Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Hon Dr. Jenfan Muswere, informed the nation that Government had recorded a negative tragectory in Cholera cases.

Hon. Dr Muswere attributed it to the ongoing measure being taken by Government and local authorities to curb the Pandemic that has arisen in the greater part of Sub Saharan Africa.

Government has assured the nation that measures to control the infection and spreading of cholera will be intensified in the following 12 weeks.

“As efforts to fight cholera continue, the priority actions for the next 12 weeks, especially for Harare and Chitungwiza, include applying the concept of Clean cities and environment by prioritizing deployment of law enforcement agents to remove all food vendors from undesignated areas in all suburbs.

In addition there will be supervised removal of refuse from areas where this has been dumped and make sure this does not pile up again; and monitor and halt gatherings for religious and funeral purposes in other known hotspots until the situation normalize,” said Hon Dr Muswere.

Cabinet also highlighted that hygiene and sanitation will be a major focus in the fight against cholera.

“The Ministry of Health and Child Care continues to implement distribution of water treatment chemicals at the point of use and training of water point committees.  Demonstrations on handwashing, setting up of Oral Rehydration Point, engagement with religious leadership and awareness and health education will be employed.

“The Ministry has also received 60 000 litres of Intra-Venous fluids, tents and other cholera supplies from the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in the previous week, thereby strengthening measures to control the disease,” said Minister Muswere.

Hon Dr Muswere told the press that Medication for the infected will be availed as well.

“Government will also increase Oral Cholera Vaccine Deployment to the targeted hot spots, procurement of cholera response medicines, supplies and commodities and mobilisation of additional funding to support the cholera response at national and Sub-national levels for optimal and comprehensive response to the outbreak.

Support for the implementation of the integrated community strategy to optimize access to safe water and sanitation will also be provided,” added Minister Muswere