Chirambadare accused of sodomy

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Local News, Sport | 0 comments

Alex Samanyanga

Dynamos legend and founder of Revival Juniors Football Academy in Mufakose, Stanley ‘Samora’ Chirambadare was today remanded in custody on charges of sodomising a 13 year old boy from his academy.

Chirambadare, who was arrested on Wednesday, was remanded in custody to allow police space to do further investigations, as it is believed more children could have endured the same at his hands.
He has been remanded to May 13.

When Chirambadare formed the academy he said he have the mission of maturing young talent
“I formed the Academy because I realised that as a nation, we are not nurturing young talent, coaches are recycling players. I coached a player who went on to finish his ordinary level, I was shocked to hear that he has now enrolled at a school in town just to play football. Does this make sense?
In the Senegal team they had a 21-year-old with over 20 caps for the National team while our 20-year-old is still trying to win a school tournament, how do we develop?” Chirambadare.

The emerging details appear to be a betrayal of the vision the former Dynamos had for budding football players.