Chinese businesses will follow local laws – Embassy

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Chinese businesses will follow local laws – Embassy

Hosia Mviringi

The Chinese Embassy has assured Zimbabweans that businesses from their country will be subservient to local laws and values.

In a statement, the Embassy said Chinese companies should have all the necessary paperwork needed to operate.

“We support H.E President Mnangagwa’s call for obtaining the consent of local residents before starting any mining projects.

We propose that any exploring or production licences or Environmental Impact assessment certificates should not be issued if a project may cause immediate or potential impacts to historical sites and nature reserves, or has unresolved issues with local communities,” the statement read.

There have been instances when local beliefs and values clashed with investment ideas held by foreign companies.

This has caused distrust between locals and investors, especially those from China.

The Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe, in its statement on performance of Chinese Investments in Zimbabwe, reiterated its commitment to support the President’s call for investors to obtain the consent of local communities before embarking on mining projects which may have an impact on their way of life.

The Chamber also called on government agencies to undertake due diligence before awarding operating licences to prospective investors before full consultation with local stakeholders are concluded.


“The investors involved must fully cooperate with authorities and be patient. We call on the government agencies and local authorities to secure the agreement of local communities before granting any projects that may entail relocations and or Environmental risks,” said the Chamber of Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe in a recent statement to the media.

“We are against establishing or operational operationalising any projects where there are unresolved issues, disputes and problems which have often led to the entire Chinese business and all Chinese nationals in Zimbabwe being scapegoated for business disputes and the political struggles behind them,” the Chamber said.


It has become a normal for some political players in Zimbabwe to attacks and blackmail of Chinese businesses and investors whenever they are desperate for media spotlight.

One such personality is Independent Norton Member of the House of Assembly Mr Temba Peter Mliswa who often uses attacks on Chinese businesses as a way to attract media attention.

The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe urged due diligence when assessing performance of Chinese Enterprises in Zimbabwe to avoid painting all of them with the same brush.