Chief Golodema of The Tjwao Installed

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Chief Golodema of The Tjwao Installed.

Staff Reporter

TSHOLOTSHO- History has been made as the government has installed Chief Golodema of the San Community in line with government’s initiative aimed at leaving no one and no place behind.

The installation of Mr Christopher Dube as the new Chief was done at Mtshina Secondary School Tsholotsho District, in Matabeleland North Province.

In his address during the installation of the installation of Chief Golodema Local Government and Public Works, Minister July Moyo said the development was a testament to government’s thrust of reaching out to marginalized communities.

“Today is an important day as we are installing the first and substantive chief goledema mr christopher dube.
“We are witnessing the second republics zeal to empower all communities towards making sure that everyone and every community is represented, “ he said.

The San Community elderly who included Gogo Motshwa and Khulu Msindo, among others, interacted with Davy Ndlovu, telling him that they have a dream of a Chief from the San Community.

Ndlovu said that according to the elderly, the word chief existed in the Tjwao language, which is translated to “nxaiha” or “nxayiha.”
He added that the elderly in the San Community stayed in families and chose a leader proficient in a certain skill such as hunting or traditional healing.

The installation process ended with gift sharing where 200 United States dollars came from the President and 2000 South African Rands from the Minister of Local Government and Public Works, among other gifts.

The San Community in Tsholotsho is found in areas like Gulalikabili, Mtshina, Sikente, and Gariya. Elsewhere they are in Plumtree, Botswana, and Namibia.

Development wise, they have a primary and secondary school built close to their villages where they are found. Some are at John Landa High School pursuing studies.