Chegutu District holds 2023 Wheat Field Day

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Chegutu District holds 2023 Wheat Field Day


By Yvonne Mutambwa

The department of Agritex yesterday held a wheat field day in Chegutu at Mr and Mrs Rukawo’s Thorndyke farm in Selous.

This year’s wheat field day in Chegutu was held under the theme, “Enhancing flour self-sufficient through good wheat agronomic practice”.

Mr Rukawo is a beneficiary of National Enhanced Agricultural Production System (NEAPS) formerly known as Command Agriculture as well as Presidential Input Programme.

He planted wheat on a 45 hector area of land. Stakeholders were taken on a tour of the wheat field, piggery unit and hay bale unit.

Impressively, Mr Rukawo was based overseas but took heed of his father’s call to return to Zimbabwe and take up the farming business.

In his speech read on his behalf by the Director Crops Agriculture Advisory and Rural Development Services, Mr Tapererwa Professor Obert Jiri, the Chief Director, has applauded the government for it’s support towards farmers.

“President said all citizens are eligible to the inputs despite political affiliations. Small scale farmers are eligible to send their produce to GMB,” he said.

He also noted that the government acquired drones for the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries Water and Rural Development that will be used to kill queil birds that affect wheat fields.

“Irrigation schemes have to be resuscitated and the government is doing all it can to resuscitate these schemes countrywide,” he said.

Representing Chegutu East MP Shamu, Councilor Mwabvu of ward 11 noted the importance of being well organized farmers and gain knowledge from field days.

Different government departments and companies showcased their facilities and services.

These included:

Vertinary Service Department, Bain New Holland showcased their tractors,Zimaku Rose chicks sold in Chegutu and Zimbabwe Leaf Tobacco.

Farmers were encouraged to do potholes and receive inputs. They were encouraged to desist from violence and have unity , peace and development in their minds.