Chauke installed as Chief Gezani of Chiredzi.

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Chauke installed as Chief Gezani of Chiredzi


Mako Jerera


In line with the government’s policy to redress past imbalances and use traditional leadership, Vice President  Dr Constantino Chiwenga presided over the official installation of Chief Gezani (born Benson Chauke) as substantive Chief Gezani, in Chiredzi District.

The Gezani Cjieftaincy had been abolished in 1928 by the colonial authorities.


The new Chief Gezani had been until today’s installation the area headman and has now assumed substantive Chief duties after Government restored the Chieftaincy in 2021.


The installation ceremony celebrated the rich cultural heritage of the Shangaan people, the majority ethnic group in the Chiredzi area. The Chief Gezani is a traditional leader responsible for the people’s welfare in his jurisdiction. He is expected to be a custodian of the Shangaan culture and a mediator in disputes that arise within the community.


The restoration of the Chieftaincy is in line with the Second Republic’s respect for the institution of traditional leadership and its sanctity. The last Chief Gezani, born Mukoki Gezani, had been dethroned and his Chieftaincy was abolished by the colonial settler regime in 1928 after a fallout over the settlers’ oppressive hand on the black populace.


“As you are all aware, we are now heading towards elections on 23 August as set by the President. The President encourages us all that we observe peace during these elections,” said VP Chiwenga.


“I know we all know the party that brings development, the party of the revolution that brought us our independence, let us all go as one, in love, and vote for our leader, His Excellency Dr Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is representing our party Zanu PF. Let’s also all go and vote for the party’s representatives for parliament and council,” said VP Chiwenga amid cheers from the crowd.


The installation ceremony was a celebration of the new Chief Gezani and an opportunity for the community to come together and reaffirm their commitment to their cultural heritage. It was a reminder of the importance of tradition and the role that traditional leaders play in preserving and promoting it.