Chaos rocks MDC-A cockpit

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments


• party censures Secretary General

Brian Rungano Temba

The MDC-Alliance has censured excitable Secretary General Charlton Hwende, barring him from making any statements on behalf of the organisation.

Earlier Hwende, wrote a tweet in which he was pleading for reasonable disputation between Professor Jonathan Moyo and MDC-A advisor Alex Magaisa.

In the same tweet, Hwende also conceded that his party MDC-A has no capacity to mobilise 1.6 million voters, casting doubt over the efficacy of his party`s six million voters campaign.

Hwende`s call for the two warring men to call a truce and his tacit admission of lack of capacity was not well accepted by party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere who took to Twitter to communicate the gag early today.

“Please be reminded that the formal positìon of the MDC-Alliance is always communicated through its official channels designated for this purpose,” said Mahere.

Mahere is believed to be among a clique of lawyers who have captured Nelson Chamisa and are pushing to consolidate their positions in the run-up to the MDC-A congress.

The lawyers, are now running a parallel structure which controls the party at the expense of foot soldiers like Hwende.

History tells that when top leaders in the party are embarrassed publicly, their departure is nigh.

Hwende himself was part of a cabal that hounded out former Harare Mayor and MDC Vice President Elias Mudzuri.

In late 2018, Hwende insulted Mudzuri, on the Rainbow Towers foyer, berating him for accepting an invitation to state house.

What followed was a sustained and calculated assault on his dignity.

Sources say the same fate could be applied on Hwende and other non-lawyer top members within the party hierarchy.