Chamisa`s facing results of his own indiscretion

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Hosia Mviringi

October 11, 2021 was a reminder of the kind of opposition party the MDC-Alliance is.

They have their own sensational way of interpreting things, this is why they misread their own appeal.

Their supporter live in their own world, where they imagine their party to be larger than life.

It is this hallucination that makes them see shadows and feign paranoia, in what has become an embarrassing spectacle.

Their dramas, soap operas which are unravelling on social media and gullible private media would not pass for a poorly written feature film script.

Whoever tried to write the tired story for the umpteenth time was not thorough, it is porous.

On October 11, falling within the same season as the last drama staging -which saw Chamisa try to ‘abduct’ self in Mabvuku- they tried again to resort to theatrics.

They faced two incidents, in Charumbira Village and Target Kopje Suburb in Masvingo Urban.

As was the case then in 2018 at Mabvuku, when such things happen, a camera person is always ready to film the drama and amplify it with some dismal commentary.

However, it has since emerged that Monday`s upheavals at Target Kopje were a product of internal factional fights that are manifesting after a string of appointments by Nelson Chamisa a few weeks ago.

Chamisa is on a mobilisation mission to alienate rival Presidential aspirant Tendai Biti and assert himself as the sole Presidential candidate for his grouping in 2023, a mission which was violently countered on this occasion by Biti supporters.

At Charumbira village, the people were clear that they were not interested in listening to a puppet.

Fadzai Mahere rushed to social media to attribute the predicament faced by her party boss to ZANU PF, in what has become a default accusation.

The MDC-A in both issues frames itself as a victim, yet the two outcomes are directly related to how it conducts its business.

Asking for sanctions and making party appointments standing over braai stands have consequences.

As could be predicted, Zimbabwe is ready to welcome the United Nations Rapporteur on a fact-finding Mission to ascertain the extent of the effects of Unilateral Coercive Sanctions on Zimbabweans’ enjoyment of Human Rights.

The United Nations as a collective of the global family of nations realised the folly of ignoring the suffering that Zimbabweans have endured for two decades at the hands of a few powerful Imperialist nations, over bilateral differences which are not recognised by the UN.

The world body, in essence admits that human rights violations were and have continued to be committed over the years of the subsistence of the unilateral sanctions, thus the latest dispatch of a fact-finding mission to quantify and qualify the level of human rights violations.

And more significantly so, the UN Rapporteur Mission arrives in Zimbabwe on October 18, 2021, a few days before the nation joins other nations of the 16 member SADC block on October 25, in commemoration and condemnation of the Unilateral Coercive sanctions against a peaceful brotherly nation of Zimbabwe.

SADC has spoken in no uncertain terms, that unilateral sanctions against Zimbabwe, are illegal and should be unconditionally lifted, as they have had a contagion effect across the economies of Southern Africa.

But as would be expected, the United States of America, as the major proponent of these illegal sanctions through the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001 (ZIDERA), would not take this lying down and be shamed by an adverse report emanating from the latest UN Rapporteur’s visit.

They would rather sponsor multiple disruptive events to blemish and cloud the Mission’s view of events in Zimbabwe and influence its report.

By stage-managing violent acts, and blowing events out of proportion, the US through a surrogate political formation of the MDC led by Nelson Chamisa is in a late hour attempt to make Zimbabwe look bad and possibly change the agenda of the UN Mission in Zimbabwe, so that it ends up investigating alleged human rights violations.

The United States Embassy in Zimbabwe did it last year same time in October when they sponsored a parallel agenda to try and convince people of Zimbabwe that indeed the economy was in bad shape not because of sanctions but because of corruption.

They hired such social media spent forces as Hopewell Chin ‘no, who worked overtime on US Embassy’s Twitter handle to dissuade SADC and Zimbabweans from condemning sanctions, but to focus on corruption.

They tried to convince the people of Zimbabwe that ‘sanctions are good but corruption is bad.’

In Zimbabwe, it has become normal that each time on the eve of a major international event or high-level country visits, the opposition MDC Alliance engages in a myriad of choreographed yet nauseatingly overused dirty tactics that are meant to court the attention of international delegates to major meetings or to influence opinion and reports of visiting international envoys.

The MDC-A party led by Nelson Chamisa is notorious for staging provocative violent protests, fake abductions and even stage managed abduction attempts at its leader Nelson Chamisa, all this to portray the country’s image in bad light.

On many occasions since December 2001 when sanctions were imposed against the country, the MDC has used these dirty tactics to convince the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to vote to extend punitive economic sanctions against Zimbabwe.

On November 10, 2018, the party staged managed a dramatic abduction attempt, in a typical Hollywood movie style which rather left many script writers disappointed and embarrassed by the poor execution of script.

The action was so poorly done such that even a kindergarten child could only throw their hands up in resignation.

This was after the watershed July 2018 Presidential elections in which the MDC party was thoroughly clobbered and was then seeking national sympathy in the vain hope for international intervention.

The country has witnessed some of the horribly fake stories of disappearing opposition activists such as Joana Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri, Netsai Marova and one Doctor Peter Magombeyi of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association who embarrassingly had to announce his own return after a fake abduction, only to be rewarded with a VISA to the United States of America.

This is the history that sets the MDC faction led by Nelson Chamisa apart as a fake and destructive political party that has worked tirelessly, like a mercenary who is only out to embarrass and tarnish the image of the country in return for a few crumbs of bread.

Monday`s events, cannot be attributed to ZANU PF, for they are not the ones who courted sanctions, neither are they the ones that influenced Chamisa to make illegal appointments.