Chamisa takes toxicity to church

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments

Chamisa takes toxicity to church

•As he seeks to widen AFM split for his own interests.

Brian Rungano Temba

Early in the week, the nation woke up to another episode of Nelson Chamisa`s indiscretions.

The same Nelson Chamisa who was wrestling for MDC-T power, while Morgan Tsvangirai laid in a coffin in Humanikwa Village, Buhera.

Some may recall Chamisa using a hole at Harvest House to gain entrance.

He is back to his antics again this week, advertising intentions to hijack the AFM Youth Conference to be held in Chatsworth, Gutu this weekend.

This is an annual national conference.

However, with the recent split in the AFM there will be separate conferences.

This one is being organized by the Madawo led faction and another by the Chiangwa faction.

Chamisa is said to be attending the event being planned by the Madawo faction.

What caught the eye was the unmistakable politicisation of the church gathering.

The blazon poster refers to him as the CCC President. Makes it clear, he is not coming as an AFM member.

He is not coming as a pastor, he is coming as a politician.

With 2023 elections fast approaching and with the CCC aware that there is not enough time to set up structure, they are seeking to use the church as an avenue.

Here is a man conspicuous for his violent tendencies, lurking dangerously to wrestle the AFM presidency.

You may remember him telling the nation he will make everyone stuffer with his Kudira Jecha mantra on 2018.

He was not done.

A few years down the line he was bragging that he called for sanctions. You may remember the video, “Ndikaenda kuEngland ndikabva, Ndikaenda KuGermany ndikabva Ndikaenda kuSweden ndikabva . Ndichisunga, ndichisunga. Sunga one sunga dozen” , he belowed.

This is a man who has polarized the nation already.

Zimbabweans do not see eye to eye, polarized along factional lines.

And recently he was threatening he would not accept 2023 results when he loses, promising ‘kutsvukisa’ (to paint bloody) Zimbabwe.


Yet, he claims to be a pastor but does not subscribe to the peace which forms the core of religion.

The Bible was right after all, Une nhamo iwe nyika, wakaipa wakakandirwa kwauri.