Chamisa sticks to character, leaves young activist to hang dry

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Brian Rungano Temba

Makomborero Haruzivishe stood in the dock, sweating from the forehead as Magistrate Judith Taruvinga read out his sentence.

On occasions, he let out searching glances but they did not seem to yield what he sought.

It was like there was a face he wanted to see but could not find it.

The missing face belonged to the MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, for whom Haruzivishe had committed the crimes
As Haruzivishe became increasingly restive, he did not know that his political godfather was sunbasking in the company of his clansmen in Bvukururu communal lands of Zaka in Masvingo, unbothered.

Even if Haruzivishe had yelled for his captain, the deserter was 318 km away, far from the madding crowd, bad roads and a forsaken child solider who he had left to face the sweet tune of justice.

The quality of a captain is seen when sailing through a storm.

Chamisa made the announcement that he had gone to Bvukururu on his Twitter account.

“I am in Bvukururu, Zaka. It’s so refreshing to listen to citizen voices here and see how Zimbabweans are converging, so determined to see real change & a New Zimbabwe.

“Many are concerned but strong. Harvesting, bad roads & persecution of Citizens and Opposition leaders topical,” read Chamisa’s tweet.

The sentiments triggered a glimpse into the divisions that are prevalent in the opposition sphere in Zimbabwe.

Zimabawe National Students Union member, Haruzivishe’s fellow foot solider and jailbird Takudzwa Ngadziore blasted Chamisa for abandoning his comrade in his time of need.
He said it was better if Chamisa had kept quiet in his absence.
“I hold the view that the Zaka, Bvukururu tweet is wrong.

The message might be right but the timing isn’t ! The Nation and world is focusing on Makomborero’s incarceration. Thus, it materializes the(fallacy) that Party Activists are on their own. Silence was Golden,” said Ngadziore in his tweet.

The usual suspects tried to defend Chamisa, saying as a leader Chamisa chose to delegate Spokesperson Fadzai Mahere to represent him in attendance.

However, they were reminded quickly that this was Chamisa’s character, he always disappears when it is time to make a stand, especially after getting others into trouble.

Mahere was seen at the scene but never made it inside the court.

Magistrate Judith Taruvinga sentenced former Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) Secretary-General Haruzivishe 24 months on the first count of incitement, and 12 months for resisting arrest.

Ten of the 24 months and six of the 12 months were suspended. With the two sentences running concurrently, Haruzivishe will serve 14 months in prison.

Prosecutor Mr Moses Mapanga said Haruzivishe’s moral blameworthiness was very high as there was high potential of loss of lives and damage to property.

Makomborero Haruzivishe pleaded guilty.
It is not new for Chamisa to ridicule those who get into trouble on his behalf.

During the Motlanthe Commission of Inquiry, in 2018, Chamisa said people his party and colleagues had incited into venturing on the streets to protest, an election result which was at the point unannounced, were “stupid.”