Chamisa hates Zimbabwe – Former close ally

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Politics | 0 comments

Staff Reporter

A MDC founding member who left the party to join ZANU PF says Nelson Chamisa and his Vice President Tendai Biti`s addiction to sanctions prompted his departure from the party.

Charles Musimuki, who was until his crossing over was the Secretary General of an organisation of founding members which identified itself as veterans of the MDC, said MDC (now MDC-A) is driven by hate for Zimbabwe.

“I am coming to ZANU PF, because my conscience no longer allows me to continue working with people who fly across the world to seek sanctions against the country. When we tried to reason with Chamisa over his approach, he threatened us,” said Musimuki.

Musimuki said MDC is ideologically bankrupt and is premised on sabotaging the country`s interest.
“We were tired of being accessories to Chamisa`s madness. Imagine someone who denies to acknowledge progress made by Government. Continuing being in his party was reflecting badly on us.
We felt it better to move to a party that is working hard to secure the future of our children,” said Musimuki.

Musimuki with six other former MDC senior members were welcomed by President Mnangagwa at ZANU PF Headquarters in Harare on Saturday.

Others who joined are Emmanuel Chiroto – former Provincial Member and Secretary General for Mashonaland, Farai Nyandoro – former Secretary for Information and Publicity and Solomon Machingura – former Provincial Secretarty for Council Chairman.

Another members are Peter Chandafira – former Mashonaland West Secretary for Local Government, Carlos Madzongo – former Mashonaland East Youth Treasurer, Simon Chidhakwa – Ex- Member of Parliament for Zengeza West and Charles Musimuke – former National Secretary General, MDC-A Veterans Association.

President Mnangagwa said ZANU PF remains home to all progressive Zimbabweans and those who seek to join should do so without fear.