Chamisa changes gear, condemns Sanctions

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has condemned the same sanctions he has been using as a double edged weapon to derail the Second Republic and to railroad himself into power.

This followed his attempt on Twitter to hype the CCC Entrepreneurs Capacitation Initiative to be held in Bulawayo on Friday.

The tweet read,
“ZIMBABWE SHALL BE THE LAND OF ENTREPRENEURS & ENTERPRISE..Zimbabwe shall be the land of opportunities & possibilities, dreams & hopes. Where one can dream anything and the dream will come true. Let’s make it happen. Zimbabwe has just been a dream killer for many. No..Not #Thistime.”

Chamisa was confronted in the comments section of his tweet to first come clean on Sanctions.

Western imposed sanctions under ZIDERA and multiple Executive Orders by the USA, European Union and Britain are the biggest impediments to successful enterprise by young Zimbabwean entrepreneurs.

It has been a thorn in the Second Republic’s side and many businesses in Zimbabwe to the extent that billionaire investors such as Strive Masiyiwa have been victims of the adverse effects with British Citizenship.

Post 2018 Harmonised elections Nelson Chamisa in a frenzy of denial of defeat in the July 30 Presidential elections sent a clear message that it had become his business to make sure that the country became difficult for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to run.

Whenever a Geo-political event was coming up on the world calendar, CCC activists would stage choreographed fake abductions and get themselves arrested to frame the Government as human rights violators.

This would be closely watched and hyperboled in reports by US, EU and British Embassies to justify prolonging the Sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

In a twist of events Nelson Chamisa yesterday tweeted;
“Sanctions must go yesterday!”

The reason why the beneficiary of these economic sanctions has changed his stance is unclear.

Many comments in the thread suggest that Chamisa has had pressure from the recent visit by Stephen Chan which left his party looking like an appendage of Chan’s property.