Chamisa caught offside in vaccine lie

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa


MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa took opposition and politicking to a new low on Tuesday during an interview with Diamond TV of Zambia when he made scurrilous claims against Zimbabwe`s Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

Zimbabwe has the best vaccine rollout in SADC and is in the top ten in the whole of Africa.

When Chamisa was asked by Jonah Buyoya on his view on the ongoing vaccinations, he said Government should not get any credit over the ongoing progress, justifying why Stephen Sackur of BBC’s Hardtalk called him Alice in Wonderland.

Ever the narcissist and ever the liar, the loquacious Chamisa drew widespread condemnation from Zimbabweans online.

A Twitter named TheEnias found the claim that its not governments carrying out vaccination laughable and quipped, “This is how our brothers are thinking. It’s not government doing vaccinations but individuals who are going there (whaterver that means) (with laughing emojis)”


Collen Musoni said, “No wonder our politics is this polarised, this dude is simply pathetic.” Mabutho Moyo was brutal, “This guy is a clown, he liesfor a living.” Mabutho’s comment was echoed by Chigunduru who said, “A pastor telling lies with a straigh face.”


Favour Matenga said, “The bane of the MDC Alliance faction is its obsession with criticising President @edmnangagwa, most of the time just for the sake of it. Zim has vaccinated over 5% of its population while RSA that Chamisa worships is nowhere near that. He should give praises where it is due.”


Rutendom joined the discussion saying, “Uhmm..haa pane basa. Criticising to the point of losing it. What does he even mean when he says, “vaccination is not done by the government, but by people who go to get vaccinated.”

Despite claiming to be educated, Chamisa said he is of the view that vaccines are biological warfare.

Chamisa’s seems to have slapped even his erstwhile Western backers including the British and Americans who have been at pains to have Zimbabwe accept their AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson by claiming vaccines could be biologocal weapons.


Zimbabwe, which had initially accepted the Chinese manufactured Sinopharm, Sinovac and the Russian made SputnikV in its basket of vaccines recently accepted Johnson and Johnson.


Chamisa said; “We should be making our own vaccines in this era of biological warfare to make sure they are safe.”


This brought an interesting angle as Twimbos juxtaposed his words with those of Fadzayi Mahere his party’s spokesperson.


Karl T Kubvoruno was more brutal, “What an obtuse remark by @nelsonchamisa at a time we are supposed to be encouraging everyone to vaccinate. In sourcing the vaccines, ED and his government have done well and magnanimity demands he be given credit…But then again this lot does not believe in rationale disputation”


Fidelis Gapare said, “@Zimfact hero basa. Honestly, is it that painful to acknowledge your opponent when he/she has done well? But it s the lying for me, which is now a constant pattern, that is worrisome”


Gibson Bvumavaranda said of Chamisa, “Eloquence and substance are very different attributes Zimbabweans! That’s why people are divided on that young an’s readiness and suitability to be a President. Maybe sometime in the future, he will build himself up. For now uummmm.”


The clincher was Goeb Mhondoro who asked, “Goodness me Nelson, are you ok?”


Analysts like Pedzisayi Ruhanya have claimed that Chamisa is surrounded by incompetent people, indications are the ineptitude may be contagious as he is sounding unhinged with each utterance.

This comes a few hours after respected politics scholar Stephen Chan made known his doubts over Chamisa`s capacity to run a party, let alone a country.