CCC Recalls effect vacancies in Parliament 

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CCC Recalls effect vacancies in Parliament


Brian Rungano Temba


The Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda has anounced through letters to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission on vacancies in 15 seats held by CCC MPs after they were recalled by CCC Acting Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu.


CCC has taken to the internet claiming that Tshabangu is an imposter who declared himself the party’s secretary general.


However retorts have come through the comments section on their social media rants, asking where in their Constitution the recalls are unlawful.

Names recalled from Parliament include the following-

Hon. Mlilo SItabile, Hon. Janet Dube, Hon. Evidence Zana, Hon. Raphael Sibanda, Hon Morgan Ncube, Hon Desmond Makara, Hon Obert Manduna, Hon Bright Moyo Vanya, Hon Velisiwe Nkomo, Hon Jasmine Toffa and Hon Nomatemba Sibanda, Hon Ereck Gono to mention a few.


Local Pressure Group; Progressive and Patriotic Citizens of Zimbabwe (PAPCOZ) leader, Patson Murimoga told TateguruTV that Parliament must ensure the Musical Chairs that saw over 50 Parliamentarians rotating Constituency seats in Matebeleland to be avoided by means of law.


“Every MP that was recalled last term from Parliament went with a car. Let’s not turn the August house into a ponzi scheme that enriches the Opposition party’s members at the expense of the Taxpayers,” he said.


Mr Murimoga said that the law has to evolve to a stage where mobs are not allowed to stand as political parties and run in elections. He blasted all strategic ambiguity efforts by the CCC as being confusion that is now stalling government business.


” The Speaker’s powers are limited to receiving communication in terms of section 129(1)(k) and acting upon that communication.


The Speaker has no role in resolving factional disputes within political parties as to who can and cannot represent it in communicating to the Speaker under that section.


However the By-elections that will proceed as mandated by law will demand funding from the coffers that would have otherwise assisted in NDS1 and Devolution projects.


Laws must be drawn that are clinical on what constitutes an Organised Political Party. The drama in CCC should not halt national business,” added Mr Murimoga.