CCC in nomination violence

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CCC in nomination violence


Harare – A Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) youth – Womberai Nhende was assaulted by Former Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba and his gang during the nomination process in Glen Norah, Harare, Election Resource Centre Africa has confirmed.

The report is one of the many that are coming through from across the city where the opposition bigwigs are trying, by all means, to cling to power.

Posting on their microblogging site Twitter, ERC Africa had this to say:

“The ERC (ERC Africa) has received reports of politically motivated violence at the ongoing CCC Candidate Selection Process in Glen Norah where Former Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba and associates are accused of assaulting CCC Youth Womberai Nhende,” reads part of the statement.

Here are some of the updates we are receiving from across Harare.

Update 02

Violence erupted at Glen Norah B Hall between Womberai Nhende and Maxwell Mafa Camps…..ChachayaViolence Champions

Update 03

At Warren Park Creche, the CCC nomination process was forced to stop as the attendees were saying their names are not appearing in the registers. People dispersing. Attendees just said hapavhotwe and nomination officers were whisked away to town by Incumbent MP Shakespeare HAMAUSWA

Ndati huyai muone mashura kani.

Update 04

At DZ 2 maForms abvutwa by a Street Champion akabuda yard…..People ran in all directions…..zvadgakwa……Chamisa takamuudza kuti hakuna Shura rinonzi nomination…..itai Primary Election.

Update 05

The is serious fist fighting at DZ 2 Hall……#Godisinit