CCC heading for split in Chamisa’s absence

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CCC heading for split in Chamisa’s absence


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Zimbabwe’s main opposition, Citizens Coalition for Change, seems to be heading for a split.


It comes as its former leader Nelson Chamisa’s sudden departure.


He resigned last month, citing infiltration by state agents.


Now, two factions have emerged to battle for dominance.


Former party vice-president, Welshman Ncube, has been appointed acting president and will rotate the position with Tendai Biti.


But a faction led by party spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi, has denounced the Ncube group who affirms his position.


Speaking to eNCA reporters, Harare Mayor and CCC Councillor Jacob Mafume said, the current CCC president is Welshman Ncube and he has said that we are reasserted the authority of the party.


Mkwananzi has dismissed the appointment saying Ncube was never a member of the CCC.


“Jacob Mafume has been fired from the CCC and does not have the authority to speak on behalf of the CCC.


The CCC is currently run under a caretaker basis by Sen James Jameson Tiba and myself,” said Mkwanazi in an interview with eNCA News.


Political Analysts Rejoice Ngwenya has credited the exit of Chamisa from the outfit as leaving the chicken headless and open for all ambitious contenders to wrangle for a go at running the main opposition.


“Most opposition supporters associated the CCC with Nelson Chamisa and his absence leaves a gap. This is why it is easy for any individual wanting to lay claim to the position of leader,” said Ngwenya.