Cannibal killer arrested

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Cannibal killer arrested

Mako Jerera

A 20-year-old Harare man has been arrested for targeting and killing five homeless people in Harare’s Central Business District (CBD).

The suspect has been identified as Thandowenkosi Ndlovu also known as Sauro, allegedly killed five people in the city between August 28 and September 4 this year.

Investigations confirm that he targeted homeless people as they slept and crushed their heads with bricks before cutting their stomachs open with broken glass.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incidents that have shocked the city.

“ZRP confirms the arrest of Thandowenkosi Ndlovu (20) alias Sauro in connection with five cases of murder which occurred in Harare central business district between 28 August 2023 and 4 September 2023.

“The suspect who is believed to be living in the streets would target ‘street kids’ who would be fast asleep and crush them and open the victims’ stomachs to remove body parts and genitals using empty broken bottles,” said Nyathi.

The suspect would then boil the human body parts on an open fire and consume them in the city centre.

Police said the suspect was on Monday September 4, 2023 tracked by detectives along Rotten Row Road in Harare after allegedly trying to attack another vagrant, who however did not make a police report.

Upon his arrest, Ndlovu was positively linked to five murder cases which occurred on August 28 this year at corner George Silundika and Simon Muzenda and another on September 1 at corner Innez Terrace and Robert Mugabe roads.

On September 3, the suspect killed another street urchin at corner Nelson Mandela and 7th Street.

He is also accused of killing a street kid on September 4 at corner Cripps and Remembrance roads.

Nyathi said the suspect is also linked to three 2020 murder cases that happened in Bulawayo, and a case of attempted and has a warrant of arrest for robbery.

ZRP says it has not established any evidence to link the recent murders committed by Ndlovu to any rituals.

Appearing before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi on Tuesday, Ndlovu was charged over the five Harare murders. He made a confession to the five brutal killings as he opposed a police application for further detention to enable investigators to take him for indications at all the murder scenes.

“There’s no need or reason for us to do all that process (indications) because I’m admitting to the allegations. I’m not denying them,” Ndlovu told the magistrate, speaking in English.