Businessman loses US$100K to ‘magician’

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Businessman loses US$100K to ‘magician’

Staff Reporter

A Harare businessman lost US$100 000 to a bogus magician who made him believe the money could be trippled.

The appetite for quick money has left a Harare businessman counting his losses after he lost one hundred thousand United States dollars to a suspected fraudster from Congo who pretended to be a magician.

49-year-old Jean Piere Kingombe appeared before a Harare magistrate charged with fraud after he allegedly used fraudulent means to get US$100 000 cash from the complainant.

It is alleged that sometime last year the accused was introduced to the complainant as a magician who had power to multiply cash.

Further allegations are that they conducted a test run in which the accused person multiplied US$10 to US$30 and shared the US$30 with the complainant.

The court heard that the complainant then gave the accused US$100 000 with faith it would be trippled within a day.

It is further alleged the accused pretended to perform a ritual and gave the complainant a wrapped package which he was instructed to open after a day.

After waiting for 24 hours, the complainant checked the package and realised it was not money but papers instead.

The accused went into hiding until his arrest last week.

He was remanded in custody to Wednesday for bail hearing.