Bumper harvest recons for Makoni

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Bumper harvest recons for Makoni

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The persistent rainfall currently being experienced around the country has brought a sigh of relief to hard-working farmers who are already smiling all the way to the fields amid high expectations of yet another successive bumper harvest.


A snap survey in and around Manicaland district of Makoni revealed a variety of healthy crops, amongst them maize, sunflower, tobacco c cottons and groundnuts.


Overall, all the crops observed are all in good state and the early crop of maize is now at silk emergency stage followed by the general crop which is currently at vegetative stage.


The prevailing favourable rainfall pattern has had the good effect of reducing costs related to irrigation, while at the same time allowing the surrounding supply dams a chance to replenish. All the farmers are very happy as a bumper harvest is guaranteed this year, fending off the threat of hunger. Both rural, peri-urban farmers are smiling because all their patches of land are under the cover of a healthy crop.


The government of President Mnangagwa has prioritised food security amongst other clusters that are espoused under the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) blueprint. As such massive investment continues to be directed towards capacitating farmers for optimum productivity on the farms. As such programs such as the Presidential Input Scheme, Climate-proofed conservation farming (Pfumvudza/Intwasa), and Command Agriculture, as well as private contract financing models have all been mobilized to ensure that the country successfully attains and sustains food self sufficiency as one of the pillars towards attaining the Vision of an inclusive, empowered Upper Middle Income economy by 2030 (Vision 2030).


Farmers in the District are generally satisfied with the level and quality of government support in the current coping season with most of them applauding government for timeout distribution of critical inputs such as seed, fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, tillage services as well as extension services.


A number of Field Days (Demonstration days) are lined up in the district to showcase the good cropping state, share ideas and to learn from others on some of the advanced farming methods being practiced by others.


A Field Day of Pfumvudza maize and sunflower which was held in Chendambuya recently was an eye opener as Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries and Water Resources Dr Anxious Masuka witnessed the progression of Pfumvudza as one of the best climate friendly farming methods available so far. Dr Masuku returned to Harare with smile on his face after witnessing what promises to be a real game changer in government’s quest to make the country self sufficient on food production. Green fields in Chendambuya, a semi-arid region which is expecting bumper harvest this year is reason enough for a deep sigh of relief for


Government looks ahead with optimism as treasury will be spared hundreds of millions of dollars in critical grain imports.