Bulawayo to host Zanu PF conference

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Bulawayo to host Zanu PF conference

Staff Reporter

ZANU PF Bulawayo province has been challenged to harness the momentum of the ongoing party restructuring initiative for self-rejuvenation and to demonstrate solidarity in preparation for the party’s Annual National People’s Conference, which it will host in October.

The directive came from Zanu PF National Political Commissar, Cde Munyaradzi Machacha, during a graduation ceremony for nearly 400 youths in Bulawayo’s Luveve-Emakhandeni Constituency yesterday.

The youths completed a vocational skills training programme, sponsored by local businessman and Zanu PF member Cde Brian Samuriwo.

Cde Machacha challenged party members to actively participate in the restructuring process, aiming to solidify the party ahead of the high-profile national conference.

“The President, Cde ED Mnangagwa, is calling on every party member to play a role in this exercise whose success is directly linked to the future progress and future success of our party. As Bulawayo province, this exercise offers an opportunity for the party to rejuvenate itself by reaching out to new members, both young and old, and mobilise them to join the party,” said Cde Machacha.

“Mobilisation, recruitment and cell building must happen simultaneously to create verifiable authentic structures. The province has been selected to host the annual National People’s Conference in October, what a chance to showcase a new vibrant Zanu PF Bulawayo province.”

He said all the party members from the Politburo going down to branch members, should actively participate in the rebuilding of the party.

Cde Machacha commended Cde Samuriwo for initiating empowerment projects that uplift community members.

He said this model should be replicated across the country where party members in business are involved in community development.

Cde Machacha praised the inclusive development approach of Bulawayo, where a councillor from the Citizens Coalition for Change attended the graduation ceremony.

“Coming from Harare, it’s rare to find a multi-party approach to community development. When people work together you succeed more. When people are busy fighting you remain underdeveloped, you remain poor and even if opportunities arise you can’t see them, you are blinded by hate, anger and selfishness but what we are witnessing here makes our community liveable,” said Cde Machacha.

He said Zanu PF, through its pro-people policies, has changed the fortunes of the ordinary citizens who are now participating in economic development.

“Zanu PF has always stood for empowerment and one of our major policies is indigenisation and empowerment of Zimbabweans. We are proud to claim the massive development that has taken place in the country.”

At Independence, 90 percent of the economy was owned by whites and foreign companies. But I can tell you 44 years later that 60 percent of our economy is now in our hands, mainly in agriculture where we have taken land and given it to our people, 100 percent of our agricultural land is now in our people’s hands,” he said.

He elaborated on the significant investments, such as the US$1,5 billion Dinson Iron and Steel Company (Disco) steel plant located in Manhize, near Mvuma in the Midlands, and the promising Muzarabani oil and gas reserves. The projects are poised to catalyse the creation of new industries and substantially contribute to Zimbabwe’s economic growth.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Bulawayo Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Judith Ncube, Zanu PF officials and local residents, marking a momentous occasion for the community.