Britain to deport Zimbabwean illegal immigrants

by | Jul 20, 2021 | International | 0 comments

Hosia Mviringi

The United Kingdom has embarked on a progressive deportation exercise to rid its shores of all non-qualifying Zimbabwean asylum seekers.

In note number 148 of 2021 dated June 30, 2021, to the Zimbabwean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Embassy of Great Britain and Northern Ireland thanked the Zimbabwean government for cordial discussions held at the request of the Embassy aimed at facilitating the repatriation of Zimbabwean nationals who no longer have the right to remain in the UK.

A chartered flight is expected to land in the Zimbabwean capital on July 22, 2021, with a yet to be specified number of returnees.
Several Zimbabweans on asylum in the UK have recently sounded an SOS following multiple failed asylum renewals which culminated in detentions without warning.

“The Embassy would like to thank representatives of the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe for the meeting and agreements made regarding a chartered flight to Harare from London for the purpose of returning Zimbabwean nationals with no right to remain in the UK,” said the Embassy in the note.

One MDC Alliance leader in the United Kingdom, Hatirarame Jenatry Muranganwa is one of the casualties of the latest blitz against failed asylum seekers in the UK. He had checked in for routine renewal of permits when things took a nasty turn for him resulting in forced detention pending deportation.

The irony of the latest British action is that it is targeting mainly MDC Alliance supporters who mostly fled the country in droves at the turn of the millennium on false allegations of political persecution.
Many were hardly vetted or examined for as long as they alleged persecution by the ZANU PF government. Some even lied that Zimbabweans were dying of hunger, so they justified their stay in the UK on malicious grounds.

Successive British governments made a big mistake of trying to set Zimbabwean citizens against their government in a futile exercise to reverse the historical land reform exercise.
Ironically, and, in an attempt to spite the ZANU PF government, anyone and everyone who waved an MDC Party Card would get automatic admission into the UK on asylum albeit without going through the established formalities.

It has thus become embarrassing and taxing to keep looking after them when all claims of persecution and starvation in Zimbabwe have proved to be false.
But this exercise will be so brutal on the returning nationals as it comes without warning.
Many will return home the same way they left, with nothing to show for almost two decades of overseas sojourn.
Indeed, July 22, 2021, promises empty-handed for many families in Zimbabwe who are set to receive their empty handed relatives, some long forgotten.