Breaking down new mining license charges

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Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

The Government of Zimbabwe has raised mining fees and tariffs in line with current economic trajectory. The new prices were announced via Statutory Instrument 185 of 2021.6.28
The Statutory Instrument reads;

It is hereby notified that the Minister of Mines and Mining Development has in terms of Section 403 of the Mines and Minerals Act ( Chapter 21:05), made the following regulations.:-

1. These regulations may be cited as the Mining(General)(amendment Regulations, 2021(N0.36)


Applications in terms of Section 272(3)(b), Section 87, Section 135, Section 159, Section 217 and
Section 299 have all seen an upward adjustment. Section 272(3)(b) is an application for revocation of forfeiture and has been pegged at ZWL$63,750.00. An application for an Exclusive Prospecting Order(EPO is being charged at a non-refundable ZWL$127,500.00. An EPO is a large area of ground targeting selected minerals for exploration. The minimum size of an EPO is up to the company or individual to choose but the maximum is 65,000 hectares.

To get a mining lease as covered under Section 135 a miner will have to fork out a non-refundable ZWL$127,500,00, while getting a special mining lease covered under Section 159 will see a miner parting with ZWL$318,750.00. To apply for protection against forfeiture under section 217 now costs ZWL$6,375.00. Application for a special grant to mine Part XX costs a non-refundable ZWL$12,500.00.


Prospecting licences have also not escaped review with Section 20(1), Special prospecting licence now costing ZWL$47 855,00 and an ordinary prospecting licence under the same section now costs ZWL$6,375,00. A duplicate prospecting licence will cost a prospector ZWL$6 3hectare


Registration as an approved prospector under Section 15(1)(c) valid for 5 years will now cost ZWL$255,000.00. Under Section 45, registration fee for base minerals (Special block) will cost ZWL$47,855.00, registration for toll elution plants ZWL$63,750.00 and registration for Special Grant –Part XIX ZWL$63,750.00 . Still under Section 45, registration to mine base minerals (Ordinary Block) will cost ZWL$25,500.00 and registration to deal in Precious Stones (Valid for 5 years) ZWL$15,000.00.
Application for registration of Precious Metal Block ZWL$12,750.00 and application for registration of Precious Stone Blocks ZWL$12,750.00

Section 59 deals with application for a duplicate Certificate of Registration and that will cost ZWL$9,605.00 while Section 135 deals with registration of a mining lease and that will cost the miner ZWL$3,750.00. Section 159 is for registration of a special mining lease which will now cost ZWL$7,500.00 and Section 48 is registration fee for a site and will cost ZWL$3,230.00


Section 197 (1) covers first Inspection block of claims (Base minerals, Precious Metals) and Mining Lease and will cost ZWL$75.00 per 5 hectares. Section 218 is for annual fee for block of claims, special grants and mining leases of Precious Stones and will cost ZWL$6,375.00 per 5 hectares. Section 198/199 2nd and subsequent Inspection for block of claims (Base minerals, Precious Metals) and Mining Lease will see a miner fork out ZWL$12,750.00, per 5 hectares. Section 212 is for Inspection by payment ( Base minerals) and will cost ZWL$1,275.00 per hectare per year.

A special mining lease inspection will see a miner pay ZWL$3,230.00 per hectare per year while a mining special Grant XX annual fee will be ZWL$680.00 per hectare per year. Mining Special Grant Part XIX Annual fee will be ZWL$1,275.00 per hectares year. Prospecting Special Grant Part XX will be ZWL$6.80 per hectare per year while a renewal second year will be ZWL$9.35 and the third year will be ZWL$12.75. Under Section 395 Site rental fee will be ZWL$6,80 per hectare per year and for EPO it will be ZWL$6.80 first year, ZWL$$9.35 second year and ZWL$12.75 third year.


Renewal for Mining Special Grant under Part XIX will be charged at ZWL$63,750.00 while an application for extension for mining special Grant Part XX ZWL$637,500.00. A renewal for a Certificate of Registration as Approved Prospector (CRAP) will be ZWL$31,875.00


Certificate of Registration after transfer per mining block will cost ZWL$31,875.00 and transfer of a donated block of mining claims will cost ZWL$63,750.00. Transferring a Mining Lease will cost ZWL$127,500.00

A conversion of a bloc2k will cost ZWL$12,750.00. Search Fee ZWL$50.00 and trading on a mining location will be ZWL$3,230.00. Other miscellaneous fees like permit to transport ore (3 months) will be ZWL$1,275.00 and application for Special Grant Part XIX ZWL$6,375.00 . EPO extension fee is now ZWL$127,500.00 and printing of claims plan maps will be charged as follows- Quarter Map ZWL$340.00, Half Map ZWL$680.00 and full map will cost ZWL$935.00


To export minerals under Platinum Group Metals Concentrate (3 Months) will cost ZWL$796,875.00 and white matte will cost ZWL$637,500.00 same as base metal concentrate at ZWL$637, 500,00. Ferro Alloy is at affordable ZWL$6,375.00 for three months and refined base metals at ZWL$239,105.00. Processed industrial minerals (including Processed Dimension Stones) will see the exporter forking out ZWL$31,875.00 while unprocessed industrial minerals (Excluding Dimension Stone) will cost ZWL$63,750.00. To export dimension stone blocks will cost ZWL$478,125.00 and steel products ZWL$127,500.00. Steel Products (Small Consignment up to 30 tonnes) will be ZWL$23,885.00 while cut and polished diamond (per shipment) will cost ZWL$3,230.00

To export rough/uncut diamonds (per shipment) will cost ZWL$637,500.00 and rough/ uncut emeralds (per shipment) ZWL$15,980.00 while cut and polished emeralds (per shipment) ZWL$3,230.00. Semi-precious stones (per shipment) will be ZWL$3,230.00 and foundry/industrial scrap will cost ZWL$127,500.00. For those who would want to export samples, a permit to do so will cost ZWL$6,375.00 for test work it will also cost the same for samples above 100kg and ZWL$3,230.00 for samples below 100kg. Gold Jewellery Permit will be ZWL$31 875,00.
The cost of other licences can be obtained from the Mining (General) (Amendment Regulations, 2021 (N0.36) which is freely available on the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development website or from the Ministry offices dotted across the country.