Biti in a legal spot of bother

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Crime & Courts | 0 comments


Brian Rungano Temba

A Harare court has issued a warrant for arrest against MDC-Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti, after he failed to show up for his trail this Monday at Harare Magistrate Court.

Biti is facing allegations of manhanding a Russian national during an altercation outside Harare Magistrate Court.

It is in the State’s case that Ms Tatiana Alshina was allegedly insulted and asssaulted by Biti outside the courtroom but within the Rotten Row complex premises.

The source of contention involves building contractor George Katsimberi who is alleged to have defrauded a land developer with whom he had entered into a joint venture to build cluster houses in Harare’s Borrowdale surburb.

In the matter Katsimberi is being accused of using plans that were not approved by council leading to the demolition of the show house.

Biti was Katsimberi’s lawyer.


Ms Aleshina is the chief operating officer of the land developer and Biti, frustrated that the case was not going his way, resorted to extrajudicial methods to silence the complainant.

Biti`s lawyer was also not present in court to represent his client, forcing the trial`s false start.

Senior prosecutor Mr Micheal Reza applied the warrant of arrest after Biti was a no show.

The accused is likely to catch a case contempt of court which is supported by his lawyer’s attempt to have Mr Reza removed from the case back in July this year.

Biti’s application for the recusal of Mr Reza was dismissed because of lack of merit.

Biti has a record of rabid outbursts that have led to his professionalism being questioned and complaints being made to the Law Society of Zimbabwe.