Biti faces US$1 million lawsuit

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Crime & Courts | 0 comments

Nevanji Munyaradzi Chiondegwa

MDC-Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti is once again in trouble over the works of his mouth, as business mogul and WestProp CEO Ken Sharpe has filed a US$1 million lawsuit against him.
Biti, who throws around allegations against people with childlike abandon, has made a career out of scandalising businesspeople and rival politicians.
Sharpe is the latest victim of tirades from the ‘Archbishop of Anger’ which carried unprintable allegations.
In a press statement issued by Sharpe’s company WestProp Properties yesterday,
Biti of false and malicious attacks against their CEO, Mr Sharpe.
Biti has been making the damaging remarks on various fora including Twitter, YouTube and other public platforms.

“Contrary to what Mr Biti and his political allies, in particular Honourable Allan Markham(MP Harare North Constituency) baselessly allege, Mr. Kenneth Sharpe’s business dealings are 100% above board and that the land we are currently developing was legally obtained. Without any breach to the sub-judice rule in respect of matters already in court,” read the statement.
If Biti loses the case in a court of law, he is likely to pay through the nose.

“..We are suing Mr Tendai Biti for US$1 million in defamation charges, we wish to advise the public that he has his own agenda doe his uncouth behaviour that goes against the sub-judice rules. We hereby inform members of the public to disregard the malicious and vile attacks upon our brand and that of our Chief Executive Officer Mr. Kenneth Sharpe. As a company, we are firmly behind our Chief Executive Officer’s vision to build exceptional homes and properties and improve the lives of Zimbabweans,” the statement said.
This is not the first time that Biti has been dragged before the courts over his malice thinly veiled as political commentary.
In December 2020, he was sued for US$1 million by Russian national, Tatiana Aleshina over defamatory remarks.