Bishop Mabhiza Blasts Religious Leaders Who Abuse Women …Rallies Behind ZANU PF

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Staff Reporter
Mhondoro – Religious leaders who abuse and disrespect the rights of women have no place in the church, an influential clergyman has said.
Bishop Sydney Mabhiza, founder and leader of the St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World said women abusers should not be left shepherding congregants.
He spoke during a Passover Feast closing day service at their St John City in Mhondoro yesterday.
“You can’t be a ‘gindagoriya’ (violent person) and beat up your wife.
We as a church are saying no to such and we won’t allow such kind of people among our congregants,” Bishop Mabhiza said.
He advised the congregants to seek marriage counselling within the church to avoid nasty break-ups.
“When facing difficulties in your marriages don’t be desperate and do the unthinkable.
” In our church, we have marriage counsellors that are there to lend you help, “added the cleric.
He also advised men to take a cue from Mambo Dhuterere who is proud to flaunt his wife wherever he goes.
” I will be glad if you take a leaf from ‘Ambassador’ Mambo Dhuterere who is always with his wife.
“This makes your bonding better,” advised Bishop Mabhiza.
To guard against adultery and fornication, the St John Apostolic Church of the Whole leader said anyone found committing such sins would be expelled from the church.
“Let me be clear that as a church, we will not tolerate members who will commit adultery and other canal sins to continue worshipping with us. Such people will be dismissed,” warned the Mhondoro-born cleric.
The straight and tough-talking religious leader commands a fledged congregation that has branches across the globe.
Meanwhile, the church has unequivocally put its weight behind the ruling party.
“As the church, we support and submit to government of the day and its leadership as stipulated by the biblical scripture in Romans 13,” the church’s director for Information, Technology and Publicity, Mr Ngoni Ray Mariga.