Bilateral issues dominate President Nyusi visit

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Hosia Mviringi

President Emmerson Mnangagwa today met his Mozambican counterpart, President Filipe Nyusi at State House in Harare.
The two Southern African neighbours discussed a wide range of bilateral and multilateral issues affecting the two countries as well the SADC region at large.

President Nyusi is the current Chairperson of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) while President Mnangagwa is the immediate outgoing Chair of the SADC Troika on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation.

The two leaders had an inconclusive telephone discussion yesterday, which prompted them to entertain the idea of a weekend meeting in Harare.
“While we discussed yesterday, I said why don’t you fly over and we spend the weekend together, and he agreed. So he flew from Chimoio this morning, just to come and have a chat with me.”

“So we covered many things, but most importantly, we felt that the Joint Permanent Commission between Zimbabwe and Mozambique which dates to as far back as 2013, should now be resuscitated and we are going to move forward.
But of course, he briefed me about the security situation there and this is the background of why he is here. I just asked him to fly over because Chimoio is very close to us,” said President Mnangagwa soon after the day-long engagement.
The Joint Permanent Commission sits at the centre of cooperative progress between the two countries as it will play an intermediary role in exploring areas of mutual interest both on the economic front and on the political, defence and security front.

The Commission becomes very critical especially now when Zimbabwe’s Second Republic is reconfiguring its diplomatic thrust to embrace what has become known as Economic Diplomacy. Under this new thrust, each diplomatic mission is supposed to justify its relevance in terms of economic value to the nation.
Mozambique is a strategic country to Zimbabwe economically as it provides a gateway into the landlocked Southern African country through the Beira Corridor. It thus boasts itself as a very strategic logistics hub for the whole Southern African region.
Most importantly, Mozambique represents an awakening economic giant, after having discovered the largest oil and gas deposits offshore.
The petroleum industry in Mozambique is set to transform not only the country but the SADC region at large.

This means that as Zimbabwe prepares to second its new ambassador to Mozambique, Honourable Victor Matemadanda, he will surely have his work cut out.
The Joint Commission will also have a special interest in the security situation within and between the two countries.

The last session of the Zimbabwe – Mozambique Joint Permanent Commission was held on March 5, 2019, in Harare.

This brings us closer to the delicate security issue in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province.
Yes, the issue was discussed today. President Nyusi emphasised that indeed the security situation, in his country is a matter of continuous engagement, consultations and discussions.

“Yes, this is true. I believe that I have to come here more times like this Saturday and Sunday. We discussed a lot including economic issues. Most of it will be discussed in the Joint Permanent Commission between Mozambique and Zimbabwe as the President (Mnangagwa) just said.

Asked if the Cabo Delgado security situation was on the table for discussion, President Nyusi was forthright.
” This subject most is discussed always, because it is a problem for our people, it’s the main problem. But we are continuously exchanging views. You remember we had a meeting in Maputo, the SADC Double Troika Summit, and we are planning to have another meeting this month. We always discuss how we can pull this motion. I briefed my brother here,” said President Nyusi in conclusion.

President Nyusi spoke so passionately and sincerely signifying the commitment that the man has to find a lasting solution to the current challenges in his backyard.
Typical of a man who can not afford sleep when his house is on fire, President Nyusi will spare no effort to find enduring solutions to the current crisis.

There is consensus between the two leaders, as well as among the SADC region leadership, that there can never be meaningful economic development and engagement in the absence of enduring peace and security. Thus the current continuous probing on the best way to attain peace in Cabo Delgado without negating the economic gains recorded so far. This is an ongoing process and another SADC Double Troika Summit is pencilled for the end of this month June 20, 2021, to try and find the best regional intervention strategy to solve the terrorist challenge in Mozambique.
President Mnangagwa as immediate outgoing Chair of the SADC Troika on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation has an interest as a member of the Troika to see successful strategies out of the current regional debacle paused by the Islamic insurgents.