Beatrice Road Traffic Accident Declared National Disaster

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Beatrice Road Traffic Accident Declared National Disaster

By Yvonne Mutambwa

The Government has declared the Beatrice road traffic accident which claimed the lives of 16 people on Friday, 26th April 2024, a national disaster.

The declaration was announced on Sunday morning by Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Felix Mhona during an interview with The Herald at the accident scene. Said Mhona:

“We are saddened by this tragic incident. Government has declared this accident a national disaster. We wish the injured a speedy recovery and we also send our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.

On Saturday, 27 April, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the accident occurred at the 52-kilometre peg along Harare-Masvingo Road.

According to him, the accident occurred after an Adolph haulage truck with no passengers on board, which was travelling towards Harare, hit a VW Polo vehicle from behind. The VW polo vehicle was travelling towards Harare with no passengers on board.

The impact forced the haulage truck to veer off the road to the oncoming lane and was involved in a head-on collision with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter which was travelling towards Chivhu with 44 passengers on board.

The passengers were members of Angels Family Apostolic Church who were on their way to Makumumavi Shrine, Chivhu.

15 passengers died on the scene of the accident and one of the 29 injured victims passed away whilst admitted at Chitungwiza Hospital.”

By Saturday, Police had identified 11 of the 16 victims of the accident. The names of the 11 deceased persons were listed as follows:

Joyce Mudzinzwa, a female adult aged 44 of 14444 Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
Kelly Kwenda, a female juvenile aged 3 of 146 Epworth Harare.
Elisha Jack, a male juvenile aged 6 of 1794 Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
Elija Jack Tawananyasha, a male juvenile aged 5 of 1794 Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
Ezra Jack, a male infant aged 1 year 1 month of 1794 Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
Prudence Mahachi, a female adult aged 31 years 1794 Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
Talent Rangwa, a female aged 23 years of 20278, Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
Leeroy Kido, a male juvenile aged 8 of 20278 Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
Lloyd Kido, a male juvenile aged 4 of 20278 Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
Elmod Ncube, a male adult aged 18 of 20278 Overspill, Epworth Harare.
Decision Maizivei, a male adult aged 26 of Madheu Village, Chief Nyashanu, Buhera