Be visible in communities – President Mnangagwa tells ZANU PF members

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Local News, Politics | 0 comments

Brian Rungano Temba

ZANU PF First Secretary President Emmerson Mnangagwa told members of his party to enhance the party`s visibility in their communities.
President Mnangagwa said there should be consistent efforts by ZANU PF members to spread the values of the party to the generality of Zimbabweans.

He made these remarks while opening today`s politburo session at the party`s headquarters in Harare.

“Let us continue to be more visible as a Party and connected to the people. The membership across all structures must never tire in popularizing the Party as the home of the people’s revolution, total emancipation and broad based empowerment”, said President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa said this after thanking party cadres for their resounding presence and support in the numerous events and visits His Excellency had officiated.

Of note was the unveiling of the statue and monument of Zimbabwe’s war inspirator Mbuya Nehanda Charwe Nyakasikana where ZANU-PF supporter showed up in healthy numbers.

On the day of the footbridge and statue unveiling, ZANU-PF members fully clad in their party regalia marched on Julius Nyerere Strip symbolizing that ZANU-PF is still alive in the capital.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Party for its continued role and active involvement in the successful implementation of national projects and programmes.
The participation of the Party at the recently held National Cultural Commemorations at Chief Njelele’s Homestead in Gokwe is equally applauded,” President Mnangagwa.

Voter registration has begun and Cell registration and restructuring is still underway at grass root level across the country.

These two processes have marked the warm up towards 2023 elections.