‘At this point opposing ZANU PF is irrational’

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‘At this point opposing ZANU PF is irrational’

• ex MDC senior member salutes the ruling party`s development achievements


Hosia Mviringi

Pregnancy is a sacred period in every woman’s life.

It is a period during which seemingly unbearable hormonal changes bring trauma and pain, inflicting intense levels of anxiety and discomfort.

Yet it is at these early stages of pregnancy that generations are conceived.

It is exactly the period of jubilation in a woman’s life, a period of celebrating productivity.

It is the envy of every married woman as the earliest signs of pregnancy signify womanhood.

Barrenness is a condition where a married woman fails to conceive due to varied reasons.

No woman covets that condition as brings potential social problems.

Traditionally any a man would be excused for considering divorcing a woman who delays having a baby after being brought into a family.

As such, joining opposition politics to some, would have been equated to divorcing a woman (ZANU PF) for taking longer than expected to conceive and deliver a baby (development), a scenario that has drastically changed with the advent of the New Dispensation.

This became a subject of reference by one prodigal son, Cde Emmanuel Chiroto in a speech at ZANU PF by-election Star Rally in Marondera yesterday.

Emmanuel Chiroto is the man behind the idiomatic expression in which he likened ZANU PF party to a pregnant woman who can’t be easily divorced.

Cde Chiroto likened the act of divorcing ZANU PF to literally throwing the baby away with bath water.

He likened a pregnancy to a source of hope and assurance that a new life will be born.

“Everyone of us gathered here today knows someone or has a relative who supports the opposition parties. There is one question that I want to challenge you go and ask them,” spoke Cde Chiroto.

“If as a family you were planning to send away a daughter in law for not conceiving for a long period, then suddenly she shows signs of pregnancy, which is a promise of life, would you proceed and chase her away when that which you had long expected of her is showing?

Wouldn’t you embrace her, nurture and nourish her so that she delivers a healthy baby?,” queried Cde Chiroto as he proceeded with a rare speech before a packed Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera.


Chiroto, in interpreting his idiom to a receptive crown equated ZANU PF to a pregnant woman who oozes the promise of life.

He revealed that him and many other Cdes who had defected to opposition parties had merely done so as a result if frustration with how things were done in ZANU PF, the non-delivery of basic development needs if the Zimbabwean society.

He revealed that joining opposition politics was not something that any sane person could do except out of frustration and in protest over poor service delivery and lack of interest to address needs of the people.

“It is all evident now, with the coming in if President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Second Republic that the bridesmaid is pregnant again. All that which we protested against has been and continues to be remedied. Zimbabwe has crossed that barren patch of undelivered promises”.


“If we look around, in only three years, we see an endless line-up of delivered babies in form of projects already accomplished such as Dams, Food security, Water and sanitation (improved refuse collection in cities and borehole drilling that Is taking place countrywide),” added Cde Chiroto.

Cde Chiroto, a former senior official with the MDC Party, who is a former Deputy Mayor of the City of Harare, lamented over what he described as “lack of common reasoning” by his former colleagues who keep opposing , just for the sake of it, when all they have been demanding is being fulfilled by government under the able leadership of President Mnangagwa.

Cde Chiroto insisted that ZANU PF, with a vast array of delivered promises already, still represents a pregnant woman who’s gestation is represented by a multiplicity of projects which are currently underway in areas of Power Generation, such as Hwange 7 and 8 expansion, the proposed Batoka Gorge and many Private Power Producer projects littered around the country which are sure to make Zimbabwe a net exporter of power upon completion.

Road rehabilitation and construction works have seen more than 300 kilometres of modern tarmac being opened to traffic on the Beitbridge-Harare-Chirundu highway, signifying a progressing pregnancy which is sure to produce an enduring offspring.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has on various occasions expressed dismay at the way things never seemed not to work in the old dispensation, yet the same domestic sources are today producing enough resources for infrastructure and social services development.

The President is on record reminding the nation of the wonders this country is capable of achieving if appropriate support is rendered by its citizens.

He always emphasises on the “Nyika inovakwa navene vayo” mantra, which goes to challenge Zimbabweans to put heads together and all hands on the deck for national development.

In Cde Chiroto’s deep speech, it is very clear that the nation is not short if leadership, but what remains now is a united citizenry which renders full support to the leadership of President Mnangagwa.

He said there is nothing that’s left to oppose, neither is there still anything to support in the opposition parties.

Cde Chiroto was thankful to ZANU PF family for a warm and jubilant embrace with which him and many others continue to receive as they troop back into the party of liberation.