Artists hail vaccination program.

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Entertainment, Local News | 0 comments

Hosia Mviringi

President Emmerson Mnangagwa today launched the second phase of stage one of the national vaccination program at Victoria Falls Hospital.

The electric occasion witnessed an overwhelming response by residents of the city who formed winding queues for a turn under the needle.

Among them were performing artists who did not only entertain visitors and residents at the hospital , but took a chance to be vaccinated too.

Chief Ndebele, a performing artist with Umkhankaso Wamajaha dance group hailed the vaccination as a big win for Victoria Falls.

Artists are among the most critical of the essential service providers in the tourism industry as they provide a complementary service in the recreational sector.
Tourism can not thrive without the complimentary role of entertainers.
“The vaccination program came as a big favour for residents of the City of Victoria Falls since they work with tourists. It would have been unfair to expose them, without this protection, to tourists who travel the whole world.

All artists in and around Victoria Falls have been warming up to this program and this makes our work easier as people feel comfortable working with us.
We deal with international community and vaccination will see a reopening of businesses which had closed down as confidence slowly builds up”, said Mr Ndebele.
Victoria Falls City has opened up several centres dotted around the City to avoid congestion and limit distance travelled for the service.
Simplified procedures and shorter queues are expected to encourage residents to visit and receive the vaccine.

Four outreach teams have been set up been set up to cover specifically hotel employees, teaching staff and school staff, business community and lodges employees and other essential workers who may not be able to leave their work stations.

Pastor Tawana Tshuma of General Foundation Apostolic Church in Christ encouraged people specifically his congregants to come forward and be vaccinated.
This program literally puts the proverbial spring back into the step of most Zimbabweans as they garner the necessary confidence to venture out again to resume their normal life routines.